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A New Beginning

Merry Chirstmas everybody!

The past year living in Kaikoura has been magical. I’ve had to learn to rise a little earlier to appreciate the eastern sunrise. The outdoors lifestyle at the tail end of the Southern Alps is blessed in abundance here. My first cast into the ocean here landed me a Kahawai, and I was also lucky to get a Salmon from the beach! I climbed Mt Fyffe on new years day after my first monarch butterfly hatched and its wings began to harden and I felt the inspiration to make a day of it.... puff puff! Have been out charter fishing, seal swimming, playing squash and continue to live “The Life of Riley ” very happily here. I love swimming in the ocean and living by the sea... knowing the whales are close, the playful dolphins, albatross all constant inspirations. People here are very grounded and down to earth, very similar to the West Coasters that I know and love. Getting most places within ten minutes with no traffic lights... bliss!

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