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"Matariki" Awards Entry Chch Art Show 2022

I am proud to announce my entry shown here was runner-up this year...

This artwork was created in celebration to mark our first official “Matarki”, commemorating our nations new public holiday, Maori New Year.

Depicted in my artwork is the grandeur of our spectacular largest peak, magnificent Aoraki. He towers above Lake Pukaki, shrouded in its reflective deep pool of the past, as we acknowledge the ancestors and reflect upon the days gone by. All this surrounded by the dramatic last lights of the day, submitting into the cosmic magic turning on within the night sky above. Here we head forward towards the excitement of the new year. Find the Matariki constellation amidst the stars, bask in the light of the magnetizing full moon, and make your wish upon the glittering shooting star, filled with hope and good fortune for the year ahead Aotearoa!


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