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Jane Riley aspires to inspire before she expires! Drawing inspiration from the ’seen and the unseen’ her artworks depict the beauty sees and feels. Interpreted with tremendous energy, passion and flair onto canvas as food for the soul. 

Jane’s artworks reflect her love of the natural environment. Her roots in Fox Glacier, beneath the spectacular Southern Alps, have deeply influenced her work with their towering peaks and blanketed rainforest foothills, leaving an enduring mark upon her art.

                     Changing lights of day are a constant source of inspiration, as are the occasional auroras and cosmic magic that appear in crystal-clear starlit nights. Textures of sand, gemstones, shells and other natural materials are often incorporated.

 They are striking - unique - vibrating with flamboyant colour and design, with expertly blended oils in bold brush strokes and confident palette knife.


Jane Riley is published as one of New Zealand’s Favourite Artists and her artworks are displayed in various national and international private collections. Extensive overseas travel has amplified the artist’s appreciation of the peace and beauty in    New Zealand where she feel fortunate to live “The life of Riley”.


"The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives."  Louise Hay

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