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Where does Jane get her inspiration from?

Art doesn’t come from nowhere.

It is a deeply personal, real extension of the artist who created it.

Jane Riley’s art is renowned for its ability to capture New Zealand’s majesty with tremendous energy, passion and flair.

Jane has won many awards in the past few decades. She has gained particular success at the Christchurch Art Show in recent years, winning the Lawson's Dry Hills Art Award, as voted by the people, in 2017 and 2020.

So where does all of the inspiration for these fantastic pieces come from?

#1 Growing up with a view

Jane grew up beneath the spectacular Southern Alps at Fox Glacier, where majestic peaks thrust thousands of meters above foothills blanketed with native rainforest. She began painting from a very young age, with these incredible vistas as her first source of inspiration.

This is why the mighty Southern Alps, auroras and starlit nights, will always be a special subject to her.

#2 A true nature-lover

Jane is most happy immersed in the magic of mother nature, with her beloved canine companion by her side. Whether it’s somewhere along the beach witnessing the rising or setting sun, or in a field of wildflowers surrounded by the sounds of summer with clouds forming shapes above, Jane will capture images with her camera to draw upon.

“I find studying the landscapes with their dramatic skies and changing personalities in the differing lights of day and night a constant source of inspiration.”

#3 Extensive travel

The life of an artist is like the life of a nomad. Jane is constantly moving from one place to another. Jane enjoys the journey, making sure she relishes the sights along the way to her destination.

Jane frequently travels around New Zealand on business of course, from one art promotion to another. However, she will also travel to find new sources of inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Extensive overseas travel has also amplified her appreciation for the peace and beauty found within New Zealand.

#4 An artistic eye

Of course, it takes an artistic eye to bring art like hers to life. Jane draws inspiration from the ’seen and the unseen.’

Part of her art’s uniqueness comes from the ethereal quality she lends to the everyday. A clear example is in the skies Jane depicts, with their swirling and powerful mixes of colours.

Jane is inspired by the colours of New Zealand. She tells us: “I love colours. The day I get my paints out and don’t get excited is the day I will retire.”

To close

Jane has dedicated her life to her art and has honed her craft over decades. Jane is truly in one of her best creative capacities right now.

Some of her career highlights include gifting prince Charles an art calendar, exhibiting at parliament and being published as one of New Zealand's Favourite Artists.

She loves to stay connected to her followers and patrons on her Facebook page. Head on over and say hello. Jane is always open to commissions and honoured to adorn a new customer’s home with her artwork.


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